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I’m a New Zealand-American. Ha! :) Living anywhere I choose. #VanLife I write things that interest me. I’m a life-long serial entrepreneur. I’m an innovator, social-tech strategy advisor, student of the sciences, naturopath, politico and few other things that interest me. I don’t sit still. Life is to be lived.

We Need To Talk! – Feb 10, 2007

By | February 10th, 2017|We Need To Talk!|

On this episode: I am in Facebook jail until Monday night. Due to a fraudulent DMCA takedown. By Sinclair Broadcast Group's Dave Trausneck. What's the alternative to Facebook? You can always contact me: (720) 346-4471 Listen on Soundcloud: Watch on YouTube: Watch on Facebook:

We Need To Talk! – Feb 3, 2017

By | February 3rd, 2017|We Need To Talk!|

On this episode: Milo at UC Berkely. Trump tweets about losing funding. Trump tweets about pedos in 2012. DEATH SENTENCE. Rosanne Barr tweets about #PizzaGate John McCain and Donald Trump
. Nikki Haley. Iran. Not impressed. Listen on Soundcloud: Watch on YouTube: Watch on Facebook:

We Need To Talk! – Jan 27, 2017

By | January 27th, 2017|We Need To Talk!|

On this episode: The importance of objectivity. Put yourself in the shoes of someone that thinks the opposite to you. Why I'm pro-life. Practice observing your ego. Listen on Soundcloud: Watch on YouTube: Watch on Facebook:

2017 – The Year You CRUSH Your Resolutions

By | December 26th, 2016|Health, Isagenix, Personal Growth|

It’s that time of year when we think about the coming year and how we want to change for the better. Getting healthier is usually the top of everyone’s list of goals and this year I’d like to help you reach this goal, perhaps for the first time. I battled [...]

Donald Trump Wins Electoral College. One Vote Goes to Ron Paul.

By | December 19th, 2016|Politics|

The votes have been cast by the electoral college today leading to an unsurprising victory for Donald J. Trump. A massive campaign by Hollywood actors to persuade Republican electors to refrain from voting for Trump resulted in just one vote for their compromise candidate, John Kasich, by a Texas elector. [...]

Judge Andrew Napolitano In Consideration For SCOTUS

By | December 15th, 2016|Liberty, Politics|

When I saw the list of 21 possible Supreme Court Justices to fill Justice Scalia’s vacated seat after he died in increasingly suspicious circumstances, one name stood out. Not because this name was on the list, but because it wasn’t. The name of Judge Andrew Napolitano, a dear friend of [...]

A Libertarian Enlightenment

By | December 8th, 2016|Liberty, Personal Growth, Politics, Thoughts|

Sometimes we forget that this isn't a libertarian country, so a libertarian policy might not be the best. A lot of our arguments require that large parts of society already be fully libertarian as well, or it just wouldn’t work. Unfortunately that is not the world in which we live. [...]

The Apprentice, Federal Government Edition

By | November 17th, 2016|Politics, Thoughts|

Potential Trump/Pence appointees are being assigned to teams to draw up their plans for achieving Trump's goals. Multiple potential candidates are meeting together at Trump Tower and are occupying much of the same facilities used for the filming of The Apprentice. Others are working remotely and are coming together in [...]

Why is Hillary Being Investigated again Over Her Emails?

By | October 28th, 2016|News, Politics|

Why is Hillary being investigated again over her emails? Her health is failing, so they need an excuse to replace Hillary. They know she's losing, so they need an excuse to replace Hillary. Obama has turned on her, so they need an excuse to replace Hillary. Trump was starting to [...]

The Poll Truth and Nothing but the Truth

By | October 15th, 2016|Politics, Uncategorized|

Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead over Donald Trump in the most-cited polls. Are the polls accurate?   Mainstream Media polls have been skewed heavily Democrat for decades. Polls are just like any other form of news or commentary, they are skewed in the positive direction of the Democrat candidate. Honesty in polling? [...]

Parents of Fifteen Follow Their Calling

By | October 6th, 2016|Health, Isagenix, Network Marketing|

Kiel and Carolyn are the parents of 15 children, seven biological, and eight adopted. Carolyn is a stay-at-home mom and the director of an international ministry organization, and prior to Isagenix, Kiel was a union painter and decorator in the city of Chicago. “We have a very large family, and [...]

Health Professional Discovers a New Life Mission

By | October 3rd, 2016|Entrepreneurship, Health, Isagenix, Network Marketing|

As a health professional, Janine has more than 25 years of experience in the fitness, health, and wellness field. She has worked as a kinesiologist, acupressure therapist, and personal trainer, has run one of the largest health and fitness programs in British Columbia, and has owned a successful health and [...]

Angela’s Advice for Achievement

By | September 30th, 2016|Entrepreneurship, Health, Isagenix, Network Marketing|

Congratulations to our own Angela Maresca for becoming our 193rd millionaire!! Angela’s parents immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, in 1974 for a better life and greater opportunity. Growing up, Angela was taught to get a job with a good pension and health insurance, but she never dreamed that she could one [...]

“It’s a trap.” Anonymous Declares War on US

By | September 29th, 2016|Liberty, News, Politics|

“It’s a trap.” Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars. That was my first reaction as I watched the latest short film supposedly released by Anonymous, a meme created by a group of trolls and hackers from Bulletin Board service, 4Chan. However, I don’t think they’re behind this one. This one’s a [...]

When MLMs Are Actually Pyramid Schemes

By | September 29th, 2016|Entrepreneurship, Network Marketing|

I'm a professional Network Marketer, so I'm used to the question about my business being a pyramid scheme. The best response for a professional is not to mock or have an "OMG" attitude, but to invite the objection. The questioner has every right to inquire if your business model is [...]

R.I.P. Blackberry

By | September 28th, 2016|Technology|

"It’s OK—we’ll be fine." Those were the now famous words of Research in Motion's (RIM) co-CEO Jim Balsillie open being shown the newly announced iPhone on Jan 9th, 2007. Things weren't fine. Today, September 28th 2016, just shy of 10 years later and after several attempts to regain lost ground, RIM has [...]