Independent research and discovery

It’s no small thing to add someone who isn’t family to your will. I appreciate you deeply for doing so.

Israel Anderson.


Adding to your will

If you wish to leave me something in your will, it’s as simple as adding a line like…

“I leave xxxxxxxxx to Israel Anderson of Anderson Discoveries.”

This can be detailed as certain items or amounts or portions such as 1/10 of xxxxxx.

A helpful guide can be found here:

I pledge to make wise use of anything I may receive and my thanks is overwhelming. I look forward to thanking you in person in the Kingdom.

You’re under no obligation to let me know if you have done this, but it is probably better to do so. At the least, attaching contact details to your will will make executing your will much smoother. 

Israel Anderson
Ph 720 346 4471
ia ]at[ israelanderson ]dot[ com