Why is Hillary Being Investigated again Over Her Emails?

Why is Hillary being investigated again over her emails?

  1. Her health is failing, so they need an excuse to replace Hillary.
  2. They know she’s losing, so they need an excuse to replace Hillary.
  3. Obama has turned on her, so they need an excuse to replace Hillary.
  4. Trump was starting to dominate the news cycle, and they needed to change that.
  5. New emails were found that warrant re-opening the investigation.
There’s many alternate reason why Hillary could be under investigation again. Pray that she lasts through Nov 8. A replacement could mean death to Trump’s campaign. They could have been preparing for her replacement for a long time.
Remember, votes cast are only to elect ELECTORS. The Electoral College votes for the President, not you and I. Most are not legally bound to vote for the person that won them, and the penalties for those that break ranks are minor and the fines would be paid for by the DNC at little expense.
Until the votes are opened and counted by the Senate on Jan 6 2017, we will not know who the President REALLY is going to be.
Don’t underestimate the sheer level of corruption that is the Clintons. They own almost everyone. 

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