When MLMs Are Actually Pyramid Schemes

I’m a professional Network Marketer, so I’m used to the question about my business being a pyramid scheme. The best response for a professional is not to mock or have an “OMG” attitude, but to invite the objection. The questioner has every right to inquire if your business model is legal when you’re inviting them to be a part of it with you.

Some Network Marketers have a perception that the entire Network Marketing or MLM profession is sound. But this is not the case. There are probably far more MLM scams out there than legitimate Network Marketing companies that believe word of mouth is simply the best way to distribute their product or service.

I believe our profession needs to be self-policing. If not, then the already pervasive regulations that make it harder for the good guys to win, will only grow. When we see recruitment systems that have no real product or service, we should not be afraid to admit that it is a pyramid scheme. The good players, the professionals, won’t ever be harmed by this admission.

So let’s take a look at the two. And I’m going to use my company as the example. This is my site after all. And we’ll compare a legit Network Marketing business  to a recruitment scheme, a pyramid scheme. One which only escapes the law because of how quickly they pop up out of nowhere and then disappear again, lasting maybe 2-3 years, though mostly about 9 months.

My company is Isagenix. We’re the global leader in nutritional cleansing and scientifically proven detoxing. We employ over 45 scientist who create very hi-tech health products, that are completely natural. We’re 14.5 years old and many now call us the Ambassadors to the Network Marketing profession, which we do not take lightly. We provide tools for all Network Marketers to help them build with any company with integrity and honor.

But first, the pyramid scheme. This video will play somewhere near the end, but feel free to go to any spot you want or even start from the top. Look at what they’re doing. It’s one big get-rich-quick scam. There is no real product, it’s just about big startup and monthly fees. Those fees are making someone at the top VERY rich, VERY quickly. Watch theirs, and then watch ours underneath.

And now take a look at Isagenix…

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