We live in an absolutely incredible time

I use libertarianism as a compass. It tells me where North is. I want to share this compass with as many as possible so they too will know the direction we should all be moving in.

Because I am familiar with the direction we should be heading in and what that could look like, and because I am ever so acutely aware of just how far we are from that North, I can easily fall into this trap of being ungrateful for where I am right now, in the present.

When I stop and take account of where I am, where we all are in the USA, and view our current position in relation to the last few thousand years of known human history, it becomes ever more apparent that I’m a lot further North than I am often prepared to admit.

I have freedoms today that previous generations could only dream of. I don’t want to be remiss in acknowledging just how good I have it. My life is very free. I have a level of safety and security in my person that would seem like a utopia to those just a few generations ago who produced multiple offspring because they knew only about half would survive to adulthood.

We live in an absolutely incredible time. There’s so much to be grateful for. By all mean we should keep pushing North, but let’s also admire just how far we have come. Take a moment to reflect on all that you do have today, the abundance, the freedom.

It’s pretty amazing when you stop and think about it.

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