US Senate overrules Obama’s Veto on 9/11 Victims Bill

The US senate today in a near-unanimous decision voted to overrule President Obama’s veto of the 9/11 Victims Bill that gives Americans the ability to sue Saudi Arabia over their losses on 9/11.

Harry Reid, a Democrat of course, was the only one that voted against the measure. This is a remarkable day and illustrates the weariness fellow Democrats have towards their own President.┬áThis is a very clear sign to President Obama from his own, that he’s long outstayed his welcome.

It is now up to the House of Representatives to now pass the Bill into law, which it is fully expected to do without interference.

This comes after a decision in July 2016 to release the 28 pages from the 9/11 Omission Report that contain information about Saudi Arabia’s roll in the 9/11 terrorists attacks.

With the families of 9/11 victims finally able to sue in open court, it will be interesting to see what evidence might now be made public.

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