The Apprentice, Federal Government Edition

Potential Trump/Pence appointees are being assigned to teams to draw up their plans for achieving Trump’s goals. Multiple potential candidates are meeting together at Trump Tower and are occupying much of the same facilities used for the filming of The Apprentice. Others are working remotely and are coming together in scheduled meetings using Zoom video-conferencing software.

This is The Apprentice all over again. He’s looking for the best of the best to get the job done. In these teams, potential appointees are being asked to contribute and show leadership with innovative solutions to achieve the goals of President Elect Donald J. Trump.

You’re Fired!

Chris Christie was one of the first casualties of this real-world hands-on approach. Christie was to be leading the Transition team but was sent home and replaced with Mike Pence. Several lobbyists were identified and also released, followed by every single person that was recommended by Christie. Trump is famous for his low tolerance of corruption or cheating and may have been the cause behind Christie’s ouster.

Lobbyists & NeoCons

Trump responded to the outpouring of criticism of some of the leaked names of potential appointees, telling Lesley Stahl that the insiders know how it all works and are needed to disassemble. “We’re trying to clean up Washington. They know the system right now, but we’re going to phase that out.”

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