Parents of Fifteen Follow Their Calling

Kiel and Carolyn are the parents of 15 children, seven biological, and eight adopted. Carolyn is a stay-at-home mom and the director of an international ministry organization, and prior to Isagenix, Kiel was a union painter and decorator in the city of Chicago.

“We have a very large family, and several of our children have special needs. We were busy and worn out and really thought that our life was just going to be surviving,” says Carolyn. “Isagenix has been very multi-faceted in what it’s done in our lives emotionally, physically, and financially. It has enabled us to do what we were called to do.”

A Feeling That Meant Everything

When Carolyn was introduced to Isagenix by her good friend and fellow adoptive parent Deanna F., she had just returned home from Ukraine, where she had spent a month adopting her and Kiel’s son Isaac. Isaac has Down syndrome and several other special needs, and his condition was far worse than the couple had expected.

“He was seven years old and getting bigger, and everything hit me at once,” says Carolyn. “How was I going to take care of him as he got older? I wasn’t sleeping well, I didn’t feel good, and the challenges of life seemed daunting.”

Carolyn had gained 14 pounds during her time in Ukraine due to stress and a lack of vegetarian dietary options, so when she learned that Isagenix offered nutritious options for her and her children, she decided to try them.

“I really didn’t put much hope in it, but I released those 14 pounds and then some,” says Carolyn.*

She began to have more energy, sleep better, and feel ready to care for her family. For Carolyn, this feeling meant everything, and she knew that she needed to share Isagenix with her community.

“After advocating for families to adopt these children, we could now share an opportunity for them to get the tools to survive as adoptive parents,” says Carolyn.

She and Kiel now use their Isagenix income to help pay for the needs of their kids as well as cover some of their extra costs.

Following Dreams That Didn’t Seem Possible

In addition to providing for their family, Kiel and Carolyn’s success with the business has helped them pay for their other goals. Shortly after adopting Isaac and finding Isagenix, the couple’s family was called to serve as missionaries for a year in Guatemala.

“It was an incredible opportunity, and our success helped enable us to go on the mission,” says Carolyn, “and while we were there, I discovered the push I needed to follow another dream I’d had since I was a little kid.”

Carolyn had always wanted to move to Florida and live near the beach, but in order to support their family, they couldn’t afford for Kiel to leave Illinois.

“We noticed in Guatemala that our two children with Down syndrome were doing well in the climate and that they could play outside all the time compared to in Chicago,” she says.

Kiel decided to retire from his former career to work the couple’s Isagenix business, which helped allow their family to move. Now, their family lives in Florida, half an hour from the beach, and the pair focuses totally on family.

“This is an amazing opportunity for us to work from home together and to focus on the unique needs that our children have,” says Carolyn. “To incorporate this amazing health and lifestyle, and utilize that to also be an income, I never imagined that this would be possible. We now have a long-term solution to care for our children.”

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