“It’s a trap.” Anonymous Declares War on US

“It’s a trap.” Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars.

That was my first reaction as I watched the latest short film supposedly released by Anonymous, a meme created by a group of trolls and hackers from Bulletin Board service, 4Chan. However, I don’t think they’re behind this one. This one’s a trap, and here’s why: It’s a legit declaration of war on the United States Government, clearly targeted at radical libertarians.

The computer generated voice pulls no punches in this new video, calling for nothing less than a violent armed overthrow of the United States’ Government. “We will not allow the Government to control our destiny, our right to build a life for ourselves. We demand freedom from government control, taxation, repossession, and death. You will not come to our doors to take our guns and our property, you will not force the citizens of this great country to participate in the unlawful act of government, mandated healthcare.” The video says in part.

The video hits many buzzwords for the Liberty Movement of which I am a proud member, and even includes a speech from Adam Kokesh that he delivered before the Capitol building at the Revolution March in Washington DC, July 2008, a rally I had the privilege to open. The video also includes a famous speech by JFK that talks about a secret society. There is an argument over whether JFK was speaking of insiders in the US government or the Soviets.

Has Anonymous really declared war on the United States Government? The trouble here is that Anonymous has declared war many times, on ISIS after the Brussels attacks, on Donald Trump just a few months ago, and even on Michelle Gregg, the woman whose kid falling into a gorilla pen caused the death of Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo. Oh, and Global Warming. They declared war on a hoax. Moving right along…  Isis, Donald Trump, Michelle Gregg and Zoos everywhere seem unscathed, and Global Warming, well let’s just pretend they won that war since the world isn’t warming.

Is Anonymous little more than a video editor with too much time on his hands, or something more sinister like a CIA operation? According to several people I discovered online claiming to be Anonymous insiders, the CIA long infiltrated Anonymous.

It’s hard to know who has created this film, but with a billionaire businessman about to steal away the crown jewels from the Oligarchy, I can see several groups with the motivation to release this video. The agenda: draw people away from voting for Gary Johnson by discrediting all Libertarians. How would one do that? By inspiring the radicals to take up arms against their oppressors, the US Government, and watch the Libertarian brand be forever tarnished, putting those votes that have been drawn away from the Left, firmly back in Clinton’s camp.

Just one problem, libertarians, for all their gusto, are mostly pacifist-leaning and are unlikely to be the instigators of any form of violence. A libertarian has never taken a role in any US domestic terrorist attack. If you want domestic terrorism, better look to Saul Alinsky’s followers instead. That’s right, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders supporters, not libertarians.

Who had the motivation to make the film?

Barak Obama and Bernie Sanders supporters.
Domestic terrorism in the United States is nearly always perpetrated by card-carrying Democrats that lean far into a Socialist ideology. Right now, there’s an awful lot of Hollywood lefties that would love to see President Obama keep the White House. One way to achieve that, enact Martial Law after the “Libtards” rise against the government only to be very quickly put down. Bill Ayers and Lee Harvey Oswald; we know the names. The Left’s total hatred for Donald Trump is famous, and they will do anything, including terrorism, to prevent him from being sworn in as the next POTUS.

Radical Libertarians.
Did radical libertarians connected to Adam Kokesh create it? Kokesh has hinted at running for President in 2020 on a platform of peacefully dissolving the US Government. I contacted Kokesh who is currently on tour, and he claims to have not understood he would be in the film until he saw it himself. “I was excited to see that Anonymous is still stepping it up! I believe we are justified in defending ourselves against this violent government, knowledge is the best defense, and nonviolent resistance is stronger than violent resistance.” Kokesh said. “I hope the filmmakers keep the momentum going and I’m happy to help in my way by spreading the message of freedom.” Clearly, he is not distancing himself from the film’s message.

The CIA.
No one has as much to lose this election as the CIA. A secretive cabal of agents that intervene where they ought not, causing havoc everywhere they go. The CIA operates on its own agenda, independent of the US Government and even the President. The CIA is a bona fide government unto themselves, now made up mostly of hard-core Leftists. The CIA will face massive disruption of their operations if Donald Trump wins in November. Once sure way to stop that is to create an uprising. Using a known figure like Adam Kokesh is classic textbook for the CIA. Inspire the radicals to take action, while ready to swoop in and bring them down.

Maybe Anonymous made it themselves? It has their signature of the computerized voice and a guy wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, but that signature is dead-easy. It sure seems the only interest real hackers have is in exposing Hillary Clinton instead. I notice that Hillary Clinton, the most notorious career criminal politician the American people have ever seen, is not mentioned in the new film, a rather glaring omission methinks. I’m not so sure the original Anonymous is behind this film. The CIA Anonymous, most likely.

Anonymous? Radical Libertarians? Radical Leftists? The CIA? Someone else? You decide. Put your best answer in the comments below.

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