Health Professional Discovers a New Life Mission

As a health professional, Janine has more than 25 years of experience in the fitness, health, and wellness field. She has worked as a kinesiologist, acupressure therapist, and personal trainer, has run one of the largest health and fitness programs in British Columbia, and has owned a successful health and wellness consulting business in Vancouver.

“I loved what I did and made a good income, but I wanted to live life on my own terms,” says Janine. “I remember leaving every morning and seeing my two daughters waving to me from the window and thinking, ‘I want more freedom.’”

Doing Her Due Diligence

Janine and daughtersJanine was introduced to Isagenix by a colleague and friend who reached out for Janine’s professional opinion on the products.

“I was skeptical; I think a lot of health professionals are, but the fact is I was open to it, which made all the difference,” she says.

She agreed to try an Isagenix System with her then husband and was blown away by their results. Isagenix had caught her attention, so she decided to do some research of her own. Janine flew to Arizona to visit the Isagenix World Headquarters where she was able to get an up-close look at the science behind the products and even meet the corporate team.

“I was so impressed by the integrity and their values and mission,” she says.

Janine returned home and started working hard on her Isagenix business, but she still needed to overcome her skepticism surrounding network marketing.

“I did my due diligence, and when I saw all the different thought leaders endorsing this amazing profession, I put two feet in,” she says. “I totally committed, and that’s when my business started to grow.”

Living Her Journey

Once Janine’s business took off, she realized that this was her opportunity to have the flexibility she desired.

“I was able to start creating experiences for my loved ones, and that’s what it’s all about for me,” says Janine.

Unfortunately, Janine was then faced with a rough period in her life that included a divorce and her mom’s diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer.

“I kind of lost my mojo over those years, but I realized how much gratitude I had for Isagenix and this opportunity,” she says. “I was so thankful that I had this opportunity and could pay my bills and be there for my mom when she needed me most.”

In the years after her mom passed away, Janine reach a pivotal moment in her journey. She had been giving away so much of herself and so much of her energy to take care of other people, and she was burned out.

“I realized that it was a pattern of mine, and that burnout felt crappy at the time, but it helped me connect to my deeper calling,” she says. “I realized that this pattern is so common among women. Many women don’t fully honor themselves or feel worthy of having what they want in life.”

Finding Her New Mission

Currently, Janine is working to empower women through her Mastermind program, a program for female entrepreneurs that is designed to help women see themselves in a new light and encourages them to go after their dreams. She also leads a women’s business networking group and is becoming more involved with women’s philanthropic projects and helping women in developing countries.

“Initially, I was fueled in this business by more freedom, but now I feel like I’m on this mission to support women,” says Janine. “By encouraging women to honor and love themselves more and step into their power, they are giving permission for others to do the same,” she says.

Janine is so thankful for the opportunities she has had with Isagenix and encourages others who are building their businesses to keep the faith, be persistent, and never quit.

“It’s an inside job. Look within yourself and just keep doing what you’re doing until you reach your goals.”

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