Flow for Nov 22nd, 2016

Welcome to the first Flow. My idea for Flow is about bringing disparate content together in one place, and as a permanent archive that can’t be destroyed by the deletion of an account by a rogue Social Media company. I’m a political person. I believe in the welfare of my fellow man, and am most concerned about the control systems that exist to box man in, preventing him from being free and prosperous. Unfortunately voices like mine tend to be a target for those that believe man should be controlled.  Almost everything I post in other venues will also appear here. This is more for me, than you. But if you find value in it, by all means subscribe.




Progress. Progress equals happiness. Don’t get stuck where you are believing this is just how your life is. Make a small change today and be grateful that you did it. Go…


BREAKING: The DOW just closed over 19,000 for first time in history.
Months away from being sworn in, Trump is doing exactly what I predicted. This country doesn’t yet appreciate the greatness we’re going to see with his leadership.


The US should not be a “nation-builder” in the world.
-Trump, to the NY Times today

About today’s featured image:
Backlit octopus eggs look like a clutch of delicate, painted capsules in this image captured by Jevin Surjadi. But according to the Your Shot photographer, it was no easy shot. “Even with the dive master’s help [holding] the back strobe, which pointed mostly at the wrong angle, there was still the current that [moved] the eggs left and right,” he says. “Luckily, in the split-second window of opportunity when it was not overexposed on one side nor underexposed on the other, this shot was captured.” PHOTOGRAPH BY JEVIN SURJADI, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC YOUR SHOT

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