Donald Trump Wins First Debate

We libertarians didn’t have our man, Gary Johnson, in tonight’s debate. That’s a blight on the CPD, the private non-profit that the Dems and the Reps created to control the process. So tonight it was The Donald and the … well look, with full disclosure, I can’t stand her. She’s a witch. No come on! She is and you know it. She’s the single most corrupt politician America has ever seen.

Tonight she felt some heat. She started losing her concentration and was slowing her words. Donald Trump didn’t get a K.O. by any means, but he sure did rough her up.  Donald showed us that he loves himself so very much, but that he also loves his country and is tired of the shenanigans.

Hillary Clinton tried to reach her intelligentsia demographic with facts and figures. That will win over the logical and rational people, but that’s not the electorate folks. This election is occurring inside of a tipping point. The natives are restless. A political outsider is energizing the nation. He’s listening to their complaints. Donald Trump doesn’t tell facts like Hillary, rather, he’s sharing stories with them. And in politics just as it is in any form of sales profession, facts tell, but stories sell.

Donald Trump sold himself to the American people tonight. He did a better job than Hillary Clinton. In order for Hillary to do better next time, she must tap into the same populism that Trump has. At this stage of the game, and with so many days off, I don’t see that happening.

Donald Trump wins the first debate on points. Will we see a K.O in round two? I’m still predicting a Trump win by 4-5 points. Here’s my livestream.


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